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Responding to Coronavirus

As a fundraising company for youth sports, schools, and clubs, we are aware of the ongoing alarm over the Coronavirus. We want to make you aware that the products in our catalog are eco-friendly, made in the USA, and are still shipping on time.

We do not want your organization to miss your fundraising needs this year! We have created an online store personalized for your organization where supporters can purchase items and have orders shipped directly to them. We believe this is the best solution to help our fundraising partners reach their needs while not putting you at further risk. At this time we recommend limiting door-to-door selling and focusing on fundraising through social media.

Helping you Fundraise safely

In addition to our current 16-page catalog offering Professional and Collegiate sports products along with Tervis Drinkware and Premium Cottage Candles, our industry leading online ordering system is making it easier to submit your orders as well as have “out-of-towners” able to easily participate in your fundraiser. This platform provides your organization the ability to sell outside of your community, expanding your support and increasing your profit potential. Orders will ship direct to the buyer, so there is no added distribution on your end.

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