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The Fundraising Idea to Outdo All Others!

Whether you’re the fundraising chairperson for your child’s school or team or you are a part of the committee that’s tasked with ensuring that this year’s event is better than ever, you need to make this one a winner. Many organizations find themselves strapped for ideas or simply doing what they always do, only to get the same results. This year, why not shake things up by doing something that’s different and proven to be successful? In fact, why not set your sights on shattering all fundraising records thus far? Check out how Super Fan can help you make it happen:

Uniquely Yours

At Super Fan Fundraising, we not only offer a vast selection of officially-licensed merchandise from the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, NASCAR and dozens of colleges, we also give you the opportunity to create your own custom items! Our customized products mean you can put your team’s logo or name, your school name or mascot, or your group’s branding on a wide selection of TERVIS products.

The Hottest Item to Keep You Cool…or Warm You Up!

Fundraising has always been the same thing, you get a catalog, look through the cheapest item and grab one just so you feel like you have done your part. You get your item and it ends up in the black hole of your junk drawer – we all have one of those. For those involved in the fundraiser, it’s never easy to peddle products that you don’t believe in, or that you wouldn’t want for yourself. However, by doing a custom TERVIS Tumbler fundraiser, you are selling to supporters becomes much easier. Folks are not only familiar with the TERVIS brand, people WANT to support you – and what better way than this!

TERVIS Tumblers are made in the USA and come with a lifetime guarantee, your group will be proud to sell them, and your supporters will be proud to buy them. You can choose from a variety of sizes and with your choice of several different lids or no lid at all. They’re not just great looking, TERVIS drinking cups are designed to keep hot drinks hotter and cold drinks colder than other insulated cups.

When it comes time to choose your fundraiser, instead of struggling to sell stuff that no one wants, sell items that people would normally buy on their own: the biggest name in licensed drinkware, TERVIS, exclusively customizable from Super Fan!

For more information about our customized TERVIS products, call us at 855-602-7990. Or to get started, just fill out our online campaign confirmation letter. Want to see what your custom tumbler would look like? Send your logo to custom@superfanfundraising.com !

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