5 Tips for Nailing Your Next Fundraiser


If you’re in need of fundraising assistance, these tips can aid your success

Those working in non-profit or fundraising sectors know that raising money is a job all in itself. Thousands of dollars are spent annually to put on sophisticated galas and exclusive golf tournaments with the purpose of bringing in funds for a charity or the community. Finding new and creative ways to increase cash and exceed your goals can become stressful and oftentimes frustrating. But just as corporations are forced on innovation, you should be constantly looking to evolve the way you schedule, plan, and hold charitable events.

1. Set a fundraising goal and continue to raise it

It’s difficult to raise money without having a goal in place. We recommend setting your personal target quite high to inspire yourself and your donors. As deadlines approach, aim to surpass the original standard, and then see if you have the opportunity to raise the bar even more! The higher you go, the more you’ll have to push!

2. Find foot traffic

Seek out prospective donors; don’t expect them to find you. Organize a fundraising drive around a larger event like a local sports game or carnival, but don’t rely on the natural foot traffic it brings. Be sure to promote your presence with traditional flyers and social media campaigns. Having a crowd of supporters around you will attract others to stop by and see what’s going on.

3. Use the calendar to your advantage

Use birthdays and other meaningful dates as reasons for contributing. For example, if the birthday of one of the people you’re raising money for is on the 15th of the current or upcoming month, ask donors to donate $15 on that day. If a donor donated on the same date a year ago, remind them of their generosity and encourage them to keep the tradition alive. There are all kinds of unique ways to inspire people to make donations.

4. Be social

In today’s world, if you’re not using social media to fundraise, you’re putting yourself at a significant disadvantage. With over 1.71 BILLION monthly active users, Facebook’s population exceeds most countries! And with more and more donations occurring online and through Facebook, it is something you must take advantage of in order to maximize your reach. The #1 rule of fundraising is to know your audience and go where they are – and they are on Facebook.

5. Sell useful merchandise for a cause

It’s easy to imagine that majority of your donors enjoy sports. What better way to raise money than by selling sports merchandise with the profits going towards a good cause? With Super Fan, you can!

Super Fan provides you with a unique way to raise money and get people excited through a vast array of officially licensed NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, NASCAR and collegiate merchandise. Whether you choose to add your own branding on a TERVIS Tumbler or go the professional sports route, you’ll have a product that most organizations don’t.

To get started, fill out Super Fan’s contact form or call 855-602-7990 today!

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